Quality of Fish  :  All kind of  fish is sent healthy and colorful as per international standard.


Health Certificate  :   All shipments are accompanied with health certificates for live tropical fishes from The Royal Fisheries Department of Thailand for a fee of $35 per shipment

Price  :   All prices can be found in our price list. Prices are quoted in F.O.B. Banfkok $US dollars and cents.   (Get our update price list ... Click here!!!)

Product prices in our price list are floating prices, which correspond to changes in currency as well as market variations. Prices will be updated as frequently as required. You can assume that the prices seen in the latest version of our price list are the most updated prices, and we'll accept the prices indicated in our list even though the actual prices have changed but not yet updated.

Delivery  :   Delivered within 7 working days after full payment is received.

Delivery is also subject to airlines approval of shipping space and customer confirmation of shipment. You must specify at point of purchase what documents are required to avoid delay in shipment.

Packing Details : Order for fishes can be packed into1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 4/4 or 1 box accordingly.

All fishes are packing in plastic bag, and placed in polystyrene-foam box and followed with corrugate box. 

Fishes are packed in polyform boxes. The dimension of the boxes are 60 x 45 x 30 cm. (About 23.6 x 17.7 x 11.8 in)

Average Weight per box  : 

IDV Pack (Individual pack)  =  20 - 25 Kg.

  • Betta fish  20 kg/box

  • All Cichlid 22-24 kg/box (depend on size of fish)

  • Discus 23-25 kg/box (depend on size of fish)

  • Mono / Scat  22-24 kg/box (depend on size of fish)



IDV Pack

Hold Pack  (4/4 , bag in one box)  =  15-16 kg. (Depend on size of fish)




Guarantee & Claim :  If your fishes do not arrive alive or if they die within 24 hours after receiving them at the airport, we will replace them for FREE.

The following conditions apply:

1. You must take immediate delivery of your order upon its arrival.
2. Please make sure that your water quality is good.
3. You must acclimate the new arrival fishes.

Under normal flights/shipment conditions our records have shown more than 95% alive on arrival at destination airport.

We will replace the dead specimen on your next order. Pictures of dead fishes must be sent to us immediately within 24 hours after the receipt of the fishes. We only accept quality pictures which clearly reveal the quantity in detail. Our guarantee does not cover the cost of shipping or applicable packing charge.


In the event of loss due to flight delays or mishandling by airplane, we advice you to check the fishes immediately upon the receipt at the airport, preferably with the personnel who bring out your boxes.Claims should be immediately lodged directly to the airline concerned. If you do not carry out the above procedures, you risk the possibilities of getting your claims rejected. Please note that we are not liable for such DOAs. In any event, you're advised to keep us informed.


We reserve the right to change the above Terms and Conditions without prior notice.



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